Thinking of buying property in Mexico? Some things to consider…

Falling in love with a place as alluring as Puerto Peñasco / Rocky Point is so easy!  Do you remember being in love and your beloved could do no wrong?  Then, after a while, reality set in, and your beloved turned out to be less perfect than you originally thought.  A good idea is to visit several, or even many, times to be sure it is love and not infatuation that will fade and die.  So the first order of business is to be SURE that a property purchase in Puerto Peñasco / Rocky Point, or even some other place in Mexico, is right for you.

Buying property can be the same way.  What you thought was the perfect, private, serene, secluded beach house ends up being a L-O-N-G distance from the nearest bottle of wine or chocolate bar, or trip to the movies, that you are used to finding a few minutes away.  That can get old.

If you are considering a property purchase in Mexico, go slowly and THINK about how you want to vacation, and perhaps live, in the future.  If you allow yourself to fall in love with a property before you have a clear idea of the kind of property you actually need, really want, and can afford, your infatuation complicates the job of looking objectively at the property.  Love conquers all – even when buying property – until it doesn’t, and then you are stuck with a property that does not work for you and your family, and you don’t even like the property any more!  Ugh!

The first order of business is to get thoroughly familiar with the entire area.  Spend some time driving around and looking at different neighborhoods. You will hone in on the types of places that appeal to you as you look at the different areas.  The Puerto Peñasco real estate market encompasses many miles, from El Golfo de California to the northwest, all the way to Desemboque to the the southeast, and along the highway to Sonoyta all the way to the county line about 25 miles north of Peñasco. There are private homes on secluded beaches, homes in the heart of town, rural ranches – practical homes, mansions, shacks, boat houses with apartments above, and on and on.  You might want to tap the talents of a local realtor to help you learn about the different areas in the market, but do not expect a tour – plan to tour on your own, slowly and purposefully.  Try to visit with people in areas you think you might like, even rent a house or condo for a few days, and get a real picture of the neighborhood.

Figure out where you and your family will best fit, and you have thoughtfully taken a very important first step to ownership of property in Paradise.

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