Summer has come to Puerto Peñasco! The air conditioning challenge…

It never fails…the weather heats up, and as we turn on the air conditioning systems in our homes after many months of perfect weather, some of those “climate control” systems just give up the ghost, and the heat is out of control!  My neighbors are arriving next week, and I turned on their a/c to start cooling the house;  if I set it at 90° for 24 hours, then reduce it by a degree each day, by the time they arrive in 5 days the house will be at a tolerable 85°, with very low humidity.  The gradual reduction in temperature is easier on the system than just turning it on and letting it run until it drops the temp by 5 degrees.  I have learned that a/c does not just cool the air;  it also cools the furniture, mattresses, walls; in other words, the entire house and everything in it needs cooling in order for people to be comfortable.  Yesterday when I went to drop the temperature to 89°, nothing was running – I mean nothing. The only thing I knew for sure was that the thermostat was good. The breaker had tripped, and would not allow itself to be reset…time for a technician!

Getting things done in México depends in part on relationships, and after many years’ living in Puerto Peñasco, I am blessed with great relationships. But the air conditioning contractors are in high demand – it should have been no surprise that my neighbors did not have the only air conditioning failure.  There are not that many air conditioning contractors, and I don’t know them all, plus I do know who I trust! And of course, my favorite contractor will be the fave of many others as well.  My neighbors went to the end of the line, because they are not here yet, and the others are here and glowing mightily, or just plain sweating their brains out.

I was still drinking coffee in my jammies when the contractors and their crew arrived, before 8 a.m. – unheard of in México! We learned that the condenser had burned up – we could actually see where fire had burned inside the condenser and melted wires that connected the condenser to the rest of the system.  So now my neighbors had a dilemma – buy an expensive new condenser for a 10+ year-old climate control system?  Buy a used condenser with no guarantee? Replace the entire system?  After consulting with the contractor and pricing his options, my neighbor decided to abandon his central climate control system, and install mini-split heating/cooling units in 4 rooms in the house.  The result will be less expensive to operate, less expensive to purchase, and less expensive to maintain – no wonder mini-split units are the preferred air conditioning in Latin America!

A 1-ton heating/cooling unit for each of three bedrooms, and a 2-ton unit for the kitchen-dining-living room were purchased from Muebles Imperiales in Puerto Peñasco, where both checks and credit cards from the USA are accepted.  The contractors, brothers Erik and Ramón Bustamante at Ideal Home Care Experts, both speak English, and I have found them and their crew to be talented, reliable,  and affordable. Erik can be reached at 638-15-6209. Tomorrow is installation day – I will let you know how it goes!

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