Help Your Agent to Help You Find the Right Property in Paradise

Now that you have made the decision to purchase property in Paradise, you have decided what area of Puerto Peñasco / Rocky Point is the right one, you have found the right real estate agent to help you with your purchase, and you have determined the price you can pay for your property, help your agent to help you!

Let your agent know your “must haves,” so she can begin to find properties for your consideration that will actually work for you.  As important as the “must haves” are the “not only no, but never in a million years!” features.  You love natural light, but you hate skylights?  Be sure your agent knows this!

Let your agent know your purpose for the property;  will you actually use the property, or is it strictly an investment, with the goal of making money?  Is the property for the exclusive use of your family and friends, or if it is to be a corporate retreat for your employees.  Will you put it in the rental pool, or will it stand empty when you or your friends or employees are not using it?  Will the property regularly host children, or will the users be mainly adults?  Do you plan to move to Puerto Peñasco to live here full-time (I have NEVER regretted doing that!), will this always be a vacation home, or do you plan to vacation now, retire in your home later?  If moving here, do you have school-age children?

Are you willing to maintain a home, or do you prefer the convenience of a condominium? Do you mind noisy weekend renters, or do you prefer peace and tranquility?  Can you climb stairs, and are you willing to do so?

Armed with the answers to all these questions, your agent will be able to use the Multiple Listing Service to match your criteria with available properties, then arrange for you to tour those properties.  The right home or condo is here for you, and if you help your agent to help you, the search will be enjoyable.  Happy shopping!


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