Lunch at FreshCo in Puerto Peñasco

FreshCo is one of my “staple” restaurants;  more American than Mexican, they serve homemade cream of broccoli and tortilla soup, fresh tossed salads with LOTS of things to put in them, and several styles of sandwiches with creative and delicious fillings, made on specialty breads baked in the restaurant kitchen.  Chef Franco Padilla has a way with sandwiches;  he bakes all the bread, seasons and slow roasts the beef for the roast beef panini, features several combinations that you would never think of putting in a sandwich, but ohmygoodness they are good!

Usually I go to FreshCo weekly, and purchase a large tossed salad, which is HUGE.  There is a plethora of ingredients to add to the greens – meats, cheeses, julienned and diced vegetables, fruit, seeds, pasta, olives and on and on, and the staff are very generous with the portions they add as you select what you want;   there is no extra charge for the toppings.  You finish by selecting your salad dressing, then they toss the entire salad in a huge bowl, from which you eat if you are eating in the restaurant, or they somehow fit it all back into the plastic container that held the greens, and you are ready to take it home.  I have mine prepared a bit differently.  Since I prefer to use as little one-use plastic as possible, I take my own large (plastic – what can I say? At least I use it over and over!) bowl with me, so that FreshCo can re-use the plastic greens container.  I skip the meat and cheese, but have them load up my salad with julienne beets and carrots, garbanzo and black beans, olives, onions, dried cranberries, mushrooms – anything that does not have a high water content, such as tomatoes.  They toss the salad in my bowl, cover it, and I have salad at home for 4 or 5 days.  It lasts beautifully, as long as I avoid things with lots of natural water.  This is SO much easier than making a salad every day, and I am eating veggies that I would never prepare at home…I am just not going to julienne beets after working all day!   And I have stopped throwing away unused ingredients – sometimes you just cannot eat the quantities you must purchase at the market before they deteriorate – and therefore money.

Today we had a cup of cream of broccoli soup with a chicken salad sandwich.  You only thought you knew chicken salad!  Between 2 slices of homemade bread were apples, cucumbers, almonds, onion, dried cranberries, lettuce,  and, of course, cooked diced chicken, all held together with a nicely-seasoned sauce that was definitely not mayonnaise – yogurt perhaps?  SO good!  The soup was good too, but that sandwich was excellent.  We drank a tall glass of the house specialty drink, which is an icy pineapple and cucumber drink – it is very refreshing and just tastes healthy…

Located on the east side of Boulevard Benito Juárez,  just a block or two north of Calle Constitución (the street on which Super Ley is located), FreshCo is open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily except Sunday.  They have delivery service – you can call 638-383-3737 to order anything on the menu – soup and salad for one, or a salad for your dinner party – and have it delivered to your home or office.  So next time you are thinking no more enchiladas, no more shrimp, no more burgers, give FreshCo a try – it is at the top of my restaurant list.

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